To Keep and Bear Arms

The debate over public safety versus our right to have firearms is a very public one. People on each side of the argument are sure that their point of view is the right one and many will not even listen to discussion from the other side. It is a passionate fight for everyone and few people do not have an opinion on the subject. Click here to view more information.

Our right to protect ourselves does not mean we do not have to protect others from our firearms. Owning a gun means taking responsibility for that weapon and making sure that it is safely locked away from curious children. Children who are exposed to firearms and taught a healthy respect for those weapons are far less likely to pick up a gun just to see what it feels like. No one is saying that guns should be left where they can be easily found, but the right kind of exposure is better for our children. We do not want them to believe that guns are something they should never touch, because they will pick one up to be “cool.”

We do not need more gun laws for our citizens. Criminals are not filling out paperwork and waiting three days to purchase a weapon, so why should anyone else? It is a misguided effort to control guns by controlling law-abiding citizens. In states where it is a well-known fact that most citizens are armed, crime levels are lower. Just the thought of coming face to face with a person holding a gun is often enough to make criminals think twice.

Gun control does not protect us from criminals. The weapons are not the issue. If a thief did not have a gun, a knife might be used. The reality is, if someone is going to do wrong, they will whether they are carrying a gun or not. Read more online about gun laws in your area.

Updated: February 10, 2015 — 11:27 am
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